About Us

The Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia Ltd (RWTA) represents both the warehousing and transport sectors involved in the storage, distribution and transportation of temperature controlled products in what is known as the Australian Cold Chain. Our members range from Corporate Members (the major corporations and larger companies) to Full Members (medium companies, boutique and smaller operators) in both the warehousing and transport sectors.

Our Associate Members include the major equipment suppliers, industry groups and government departments, as well as leading suppliers of products and services to both the warehousing and transport sectors of the Australian Cold Chain.

The RWTA was formed in October 1993 and originated from the Cold Storage Association of Australia, (CSAA) and the various State Cold Storage Associations.

The CSAA which, in itself, was an Association in all states of Australia, conducted business for over half a century and was dedicated to the formation of standards, the dissemination of information, research, representation to a wide variety of councils, government committees and other authorities and the advancement of the interests of, not only, its membership but, also, the cold storage industry as a whole.

The RWTA was formed when the storage associations' membership decided that the nexus between cold storage and refrigerated transport was such that it would be an advantage to form a representative forum at which both segments could discuss industry conditions and requirements.

The RWTA now provides that forum and opportunity for all companies who are members of this industry specific association.



Corporate and Full Membership of the RWTA is open to all refrigerated warehouses and refrigerated transport operators, with the current membership providing in excess of 6 million cubic metres of warehouse space and over 1,300 refrigerated articulated vehicles. Membership is essential for those who wish to have their say in all matters affecting the operation of the Australian Cold Chain.

For those who do not operate in the refrigerated storage or transport fields but have a direct interest in the industry (suppliers, manufacturers etc.), Associate Membership is available.


National Office & State Divisions

National Office

The day to day affairs of the RWTA are conducted through the Executive Officer in the National Office and through State Division Committees.

An annually elected and appointed Board of Directors, comprising the Chairman, representatives of Corporate Members and State Divisions and the Immediate Past Chairman, guides policies and strategic direction whilst the daily management, development and representation are handled by the Executive Officer, reporting to the Board.

State Divisions

Each State Division has an elected Chairman and Committee and, through regular meetings, provides the forum for local industry discussions and social activities. All RWTA members (Corporate, Warehouse, Transport and Associate) are members of their relevant State Division and, as such, are encouraged to participate in State meetings.

With a variety of matters under consideration (industrial relations, standards, codes of practice, protocols etc), and with special guest speakers attending, these meetings provide the ideal opportunity for members to express their views and, just as importantly, engage in networking with companies directly involved in their own industry.


Annual National Conference and Exhibition

The RWTA holds an annual conference/trade exhibition, in various destinations across Australia, to provide a forum for all members to benefit from speakers from our industry and from general commercial and government backgrounds and to participate in a variety of networking and social activities.

The Conference is supported by a trade exhibition of state-of-the-art displays, making attendance both rewarding and educational.

Members are offered the opportunity to have delegates attend and/or participate by way of sponsorship of the wide variety of programmes, speakers and events. (Refer to Events and Functions in Members Section).