Life Membership

Life Membership of the RWTA is bestowed on those members who have made an outstanding contribution to the Cold Storage Association of Australia (1941 to 1993), and to the RWTA (1993 to present day), through their involvement and commitment to the Australian Cold Chain.
Life Membership Awards are presented at the Annual RWTA National Conference and Exhibition Gala Dinner marking the conclusion of the Conference. A Life Membership Medallion is presented to the nominee by the current Chairman or his/her representative. All Life Memberships are listed on this website, and on an Honour Board located at the RWTA Offices.


* Indicates Deceased

D.E. (Eddy) Bell*


B.J. (Barry) Cleland

After working as a civil engineer for 8 years, Barry joined the family company in 1969, working first as an engineer and then as manager of the food processing company. In 1979 Barry became General Manager of Clelands Cold Stores and in 1982 Managing Director of the Cleland Group of Companies. Since then, Clelands have grown 7 times in size and expanded to Western Australia, New Zealand and as a contract manager in Korea. In 1987, the company listed on the stock exchange. Barry has been an active member of the Victorian Cold Storage Association, and later the RWTA, for many years and served as president in 1984 & 1985. He has been a member of the federal Executive of the RWTA since the late 80's, and was one of the members that brought about the introduction of refrigerated transport operators into the association, which then became the RWTA in 1993. Barry was also a member of and became the Victorian President on AIRAH in 1993-94 and showed leadership in the phase-out of CFC as refrigerants for refrigerated transport. For this, Clelands won the 1994 AFI Environmental Award. Barry has been involved with community service since the 70's and has been a member of Kiwanis and President of his club in 1982-83. He was made a life member in 1997.


R. (Richard) Curry

Richard was president of the CSIAV from 1977-78 and served as the Victorian representative to the CSAA as Vice President from 1982-89 and as senior Vice President 1987-91.


M.T. (Merv) Delzoppo*

Merv Delzoppo joined Floyds Ice & Cold Storage Works in April 1650. The company became Frozen Food Industries in 1963. Merv retired in 1980 after 30 years service as Manager, Ice & Cold Stores Division.  He served as delegate to the Victorian Ice & Cold Storage Association from 1952-78. During this time, Merv was President of the Victorian Ice & Cold Storage Association, President of the Australian Associated Ice Industries and Senior Vice President of the CSAA. He attended all Federal Conferences from 1951-78. He was elected a Life Member in 1975.


S.W. (Stan) Dunkerley*

Stan was the Inaugural President of the Cold Storage Association of Australia (CSAA)


P. (Paul) Fleiszig

Paul has over 23 years of experience in all facets of the cold storage industry following a career as an accountant before joining the family business. He has been involved in the design and project management of a number of new facilities construction on site. Paul has been most active in the investigation and adaption of new technologies. Paul has been an active member of the RWTA in Victoria for many years before becoming a member of the National Executive as a Board Member. Paul served as Vice-Chairman of the RWTA from 2007 – 2011 as National Chairman for 4 years 2011 – 2015 and has continued to serve as the immediate Past Chairman since 2015 Paul recognised that members wanted to contribute and to share ideas about day-to-day issues confronting our businesses. To this end, Paul was responsible for establishing sub-committees to involve and engage RWTA members. His advocacy in this area saw sub-committees created to address industry concerns in the areas of Pallet Management and Controllers, Transport Issues and Energy Efficiency. Paul is always ready to share his knowledge and is most generous with his time to ensure others in our great industry benefit from his knowledge and expertise. Paul was elected as a Life Member in 2017


S.M. (Stan) Guilfoyle

Stan Guilfoyle served the Cold Chain Industry well for many years. He represented the industry on a number of boards and committees, including Frozen Goods Board (1962-68), Research Committee, Costs & Rates (1958-61) Joint Overseas Shipping Association (1967), NHMRC 1967. He was President of the CSAA 1965-67. Stan was elected a Life Member in 1968.


R. (Richard) Guy OBE

The Guy Family entered the Refrigeration Industry in the late 1920's when a local store in Bendigo was acquired, which soon began to produce ice. Richard Guy completed a graduate course in Refrigeration at the King's College, University of London. Upon graduation, he joined the family company in 1970. He is currently Managing Director of Crystal Ice & Cold Stores Co. Richard has always been active in Association affairs; he served as President of the CSIAV 1977-79, as the Victorian representative from 1982-89 and as Vice President 1987-91. He is a member of the International Institute of Refrigeration and represents the RWTA on that body. He has attended many international conferences and his knowledgeable contribution to the industry in Australia is greatly valued.


B.F. (Barry) Harvey AM


G. (Gábor) Hilton

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Gábor Hilton has over 45 years experience as an Engineer and Manager in the Cold Storage Industry. Gábor qualified as an Electrical Engineer from RMIT in 1965. He held the position of Cold Store Manager at Polar Cold Storage Company from 1966 to 1974.Gábor Co-Founder of Oxford Cold Storage Company in 1975. He is currently contracted as a Consulting Engineer, principally for Oxford Cold Storage Company. Gabor’s duties include energy conservation and electricity contracting, project management, OH&S and quality management. Over three years Gábor has reduced Oxford Cold Storage’s annual electricity consumption from 1.4 to 1.0kWh/ft³.He has implemented water saving initiatives, reducing potable water use during 2011 by 50 million litres. Gábor has assisted several companies in designing cold stores, including building design, refrigeration, lighting, racking, construction and product movement. Gábor is a founding member of Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association of Australia’s (RWTA) Energy Efficiency Subcommittee.

Appointments and Highlights:

  • Coordination of RWTA’s Energy Efficiency Benchmarking survey.
  • RWTA representative on Clean Energy Funding with the Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.
  • Victorian State Chairman of RWTA for six years to 2008.
  • Life Member, Director and Victorian State Representative of RWTA.
  • Member of Engineers Australia and the Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating.
  • Published papers and delivered a number of presentations on many subjects including designing cold stores for production and energy efficiency, OH&S, electricity, water and energy savings.


P.J. (Perc) Mitchell*


R.H. (Ron) Naismith*


M.W. (Murray) Pitt*


Peter Quinn

Peter commenced his career in the Australian Cold Chain Industry in 1974, when he was appointed CFO of Associated Freezers of Australia Pty. Ltd. (who established the first 1.5 million cubic foot single room freezer in Australia) From 1974 Peter has been a member of the Cold Storage Industry Association of the time – from the CSAA to the RWTA of today.

Peter’s extensive career in the Australian Cold Chain has included the following:

  • Joined CSAA Cold Storage Association of Australia (predecessor of RWTA) in 1974.
  • Appointed General Manager of Associated Freezers of Australia in 1977.
  • Associated Freezers of Australia was then taken over by Clelands in 1978.
  • Peter left Clelands, and purchased Flemington Cold Stores, taking on the role of Managing Director, after purchasing the business from Mayne Nickless in 1980.
  • Elected Chairman of CSAA (Victorian Division) in 1983, and worked with colleagues throughout Australia to eventually establish the RWTA.
  • Peter sold Flemington Cold Stores in 1988, and purchased Footscray Cold Stores.
  • Sold Footscray Cold Stores 1991 and purchased Port Melbourne Cold Stores in a joint venture with Montague Group.
  • Appointed General Manager of Montague Cold Storage in 1994 and made a Director soon after, serving on the Board until 2012.

Peter has had a long and illustrious involvement with the RWTA serving as a National Board Member for 11 years in the role of Corporate Representative for Montague Cold Storage, and was on the RWTA Victorian Division Committee for over 5 years. Peter also served as Vice-Chairman of the RWTA from 2005-2007, as National Chairman for 4 years from 2007-2011, and has been serving as Immediate Past Chairman since 2011.

During this time, Peter steered the RWTA through a difficult period where the national body assumed the financial and administration tasks previously undertaken by the state committees. Peter was instrumental in the creation of sub-committees to address key issues, leading to the creation of the Pallet Management Task Force/Pallet Controllers Sub-committee, the Transport Issues Sub-committee and the Energy Efficiency Sub-committee.

In 2009, Peter instigated the Greg Montague Award in memory of Greg Montague, Director of Montague Cold Storage who was a pioneer in the Australian Cold Chain. The Greg Montague Award aimed to fill a gap to recognize RWTA members who had made an exceptional contribution to the RWTA and the Australian Cold Chain Industry, but were not eligible for Life Membership. In the same year, Peter initiated an arrangement whereby Montague committed to sponsoring the Gala Dinner at the Annual National Conference on a long-term basis.

Peter has also been most supportive of the RWTA's affiliation with the Global Cold Chain Alliance, and served as a Director of the IARW for 2 years from 2009-2011, attending IARW-WFLO Conventions in 2009 and 2011.

Peter is a qualified Accountant who has also held Board positions with the following organisations:

  • Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club (President)
  • Tennis Victoria
  • Kooyong Foundation (Chairman) - current
  • Applied Logic IT Pty. Ltd. (Chairman) - current

Peter is married to Elizabeth, has three children and four grand-children, and enjoys playing tennis and fishing


K. (Ken) Scott*


W.R. (Warwick) Unsworth

Warwick has been associated with the Cold Chain Industry since 1960 when he joined the Cleland Organisation. In 1968, he became Manager of the Cold Storage Division and, in the same year, was responsible for establishing the Victorian State Division and the Victorian State Frozen Distribution Centre for what is now Coles Myer. In the mid 1970's, Warwick was appointed as a Director of the Cleland Parent Company. In 1979, he joined the Woodmason Organisation as Victorian State Manager and in 1992 was appointed to the position of Managing Director. Warwick has played a key role in the development and introduction of Fully Automated Computerised Refrigerated Warehousing in Australia, with the most recent project (completed in 1997) at Minto Sydney ranked as one of the most technologically advanced worldwide. Warwick has been involved in the industry over a long period and is a past Victorian State President (mid 1980's) and has represented the State as a Director of the National Association since 1990. He also played a significant role in the development of the industry Code of Practice relative to the storage and handling of refrigerated foods. Warwick, who has completed Post Graduate studies in Business Administration, was a Member of the Advisory Committee associated with Post Graduate Management Education at Swinburne University for some 20 years. He was elected Life Member of the RWTA in 1997.


F.W.B. (Frank) Vale*

Frank Vale entered the Dairy Industry in 1925 and became General Manager, Hamilton, Vic, which was a position he held for 16 years. In 1952, Frank joined W. Woodmason Cold Storage as General Manager, becoming Managing Director in 1953.  He guided Woodmason’s through a period of change from ice manufacturer to cold storage. Frank represented the CSA on the Australia Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration, being Chairman for 3 years. As Chairman in 1976, he organised the first conference of the IIR to be held in the Southern Hemisphere. Over the years, Frank Vale pioneered the use of insulated panel construction in Australian Cold Stores and introduced forklifts into the industry to service the new type of store. Frank, who retired in 1975, was a great innovator and as such made a major contribution to the growth of the modern Cold Chain Industry for our country. For these reasons, the annual "Frank Vale Award" is named in his honour.


New South Wales

* Indicates Deceased

A.B. (Bruce) Barclay

Bruce entered the Cold Chain Industry in 1950 when he was appointed assistant to the manager, Waterside Cold Stores at Pyrrmont NSW. He was made manager in 1954 and remained until his retirement in 1980. Always active in the Cold Storage Associations, Bruce represented the industry on many committees. He was elected a Life Member in 1973 after serving as President NSWCSA and later President CSAA. He now lives in retirement at Longueville NSW.

R.S. (Ross) Bell

Coming from an accounting background with Namco, Royal Doulton & Sony Corporation, Ross entered the Cold Chain Industry in 1981 when he joined Frigmobile Pty Ltd as their Financial Controller. In that position, which he held until September 1984, he was responsible for total accounting and administration of Frigmobile and its many subsidiaries and associated companies. It was September 1984 that Ross took over the Chief Executive role of the company when Robin Elix, the then MD, unfortunately retired with multiple sclerosis. Ross held the position of President/Chairman of the association from 1993-1999 and was elected a Life Member in 1997.


N.R.  (Joe) Cooke*


S.C. (Simon) Earthrowl

In 1970, Simon commenced his career in Gosford working for the Meat Exporting Company, Charles David Pty Ltd. In 1973, the group developed Central Coast Cold Stores and Simon was appointed Manager. He served in this role until 1987 when Metro Meat purchased the Charles David Group of companies, and was appointed State Manager of the Cold Storage Division. During this 21 years Simon represented the CSAA and later RWTA in numerous positions; NSW President (5 years), NSW Delegate on Federal Board (7 years), Export Meat Industry Advisory Council (8 years), Federal President (2 years), Board Member (15 years). In 1991, Simon developed a FoodPark - Refrigerated Warehouses of Australia at Gosford, providing the Food Processing Industry with cold storage, food processing rooms and transport services. Simon was honoured with Life Membership in 1997, and finally left the Board of the RWTA in 1999, after a period of 26 years.


E.P. (Ted) Grundy*


A. (Andy) Hamilton*


H.J. (Bert) Hicks*


P.S. (Stan) Hill


Col. J.F. (Jack) Howard, OBE, ED, CH, de C*


E.C. (Cliff) Miller*


K.D. (Ken) Murphie*


R.B. (Roy) Stewart*

Roy Stewart spent 43 years serving the meat and cold storage industries. He first joined Homebush Abattoirs in 1934 as a Meat Inspector. After six years of service, in which he rose to the rank of Captain, Roy returned to Homebush as Assistant Manager, Meat Markets. He became Manager, Meat Markets and then Cold Store Manager in 1953. He remained with Homebush until his retirement in 1977. He was the Employers Representative on the Conciliation Committee for many years and a member of the Crown Employees Advisory Committee. After his retirement, Roy became Secretary of the NSWCSA and was made a life member in 1979.


I. R. (Ian) Waddell*


W. (Wal) Woolley

Born in 1912 in Cardiff NSW, Wal became an Apprentice Electrical Mechanic with BHP in 1928. He was with BHP until 1949 when he joined Darks Ice & Cold Storage of Newcastle as Works Electrician. He was appointed Engineer in 1967, Works Manager in 1973 and General Manager in 1975. Wal then became Managing Director, a position in which he remained until his retirement in 1986. He was active in association affairs and was President of the NSWCSA 1979-80 and the CSAA 1981-81. He was elected a Life Member in 1982.



* Indicates Deceased

P.G. (Paul) Burn

Paul joined the Cold Storage Association of Australia in 1983 as an Associate Member. In 1993, when the Refrigerated Transport Industry and the Cold Storage Association merged and formed the RWTA, Paul became a Board Member. He served on the board for 13 years and was National Chairman of the RWTA from 2000 to 2002 and Immediate Past Chairman from 2003 to 2007.
Paul is a former Senior Executive in the Transport Logistics arena, specialising in all aspects of the perishable food distribution for 32 years. He has a diverse background in all management responsibilities ranging from operational duties to strategic planning, logistics solutions, due diligence, equipment design, materials handling, operational re-organisation, e-route systems, B2B and B2C business and senior account management.
Paul has completed studies in the distribution of horticultural products at UCAL Davis-Sacramento and is responsible for many contributions to the distribution and supply chain analysis of horticultural products in Australia. He is also a graduate of the Mt Eliza Senior Executive Program, and is the current Chairman of the Air Freight Council of Queensland and a member of The Australian Logistics Council.


D.R. (Doug) Cory

Doug Cory entered into a successful business partnership with Don Johnston, founder of D.R. Johnston, in 1968. The new company adopted the name Cory Johnston Pty Ltd. As a meat exporter and wholesale butcher, Cory Johnston Pty Ltd relied heavily upon the Cold Storage Industry.
In 1976, Doug purchased six acres of land on Lytton Road, Hemmant, with the intention of entering the Cold Storage Industry. In 1979, on this site and under the name of Doboy Cold Stores Pty Ltd, Doug built his first cold store. When the fledgling site was opened, it consisted of two Refrigerated Chambers, two Blast Freezers and a holding capacity of 2000 pallets.
In 1980, Doboy became a member of the Cold Storage Association of Australia (CSA), and Doug became an ardent supporter of this association. He continuously held various committee positions within the CSA, including CSA State Chairman (1992-93); and in its successor, the Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association (RWTA), as a Board Member (1993-99), until his semi-retirement in 1999.
In recognition of his nineteen continuous years of service to the Cold Storage Industry of Australia, Doug Cory was made a Life Member of the RWTA in 2000.
Doug remains an active Director of Doboy Cold Stores Pty Ltd, and a passionate supporter of the Cold Storage Industry, to this day.


W. (Bill) Kajewski MBE*


S. (Stan) Lewis*


R. (Richard) Litherland*


J.W. (Jim) McLaren*


M.J. (Maurice) McLaren*

Maurice McLaren started work at the Queensland Co-Operative Cold Storage Federation Ltd. He ultimately became General Manager where he remained until his retirement in 1980, after 30 years association with the industry. During this time, he was President of both the CSAQ and the CSAA.


J.G. (John) Pinnell*


Martin Porter

Martin migrated from Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1968 settling in Brisbane. Martin served an Apprenticeship as a Shipwright (Ships Carpenter) at Evans Deakin Shipyard and except for a short stint (2 years) as a Stationery & Office Equipment Salesman he has remained in the Building Industry.
Martin was introduced to the Insulated Panel / Cold Storage Industry in May 1975 when he took a Supervisors role with Hunt & Baird Industries, one of the pioneering companies in the construction of Insulated Panel Cold Stores.
Martin was with Hunt & Baird for over ten years and progressed to Production Manager. It was during this time that Martin became involved with the Cold Storage Association of Australia QLD Div when they used to meet at the Coorparoo RSL.
Martin started his own Insulated Panel business in November 1986 and was taken over by Retracom the following year. Martin and two other partners purchased the Retracom Group in September 1990.
The Retracom Group of Companies have been members of the CSAA and RWTA since 1987. Martin has held a number of offices at branch level, Chairman for 3 years, State Executive for 8 years. He was QLD State Representative , Board Member and RWTAA Director from 1999 to 2010.
Martin was made a Life Member in 2010.
At the time of writing 30/07/2011, Martin is still the Managing Director of the Retracom Group of Companies.

D. (Dan) Skehan*

South Australia

* Indicates Deceased

R.J. (Ray) Barry

Ray joined producer's Cold Storage Limited as Manager in 1960. This company merged with South Australian Cold Stores in 1967 and Ray became Assistant General Manager of the group. In 1972 he was appointed joint General Manager and then General Manager in 1974, as well as being appointed a Director of South Australian Cold Stores Pty Ltd. During 1988, the new owners of SACS formed a Cold Storage Division with Ray as Manager for South Australia and Director. In 1991, he was appointed General Manager of the SACS Cold Storage Division and Director. In 1993, SACS was acquired by John Swire & Sons and Ray was appointed Managing Director during 1996, Ray retired as Managing Director of SACS but continues to act in the capacity as a consultant and Director to the SACS Group of Companies. He was Secretary of the SA Cold Storage Association from 1961-1971 and President in 1975-1979. Ray represented South Australia on the Federal Executive from 1996-1976. He was Federal President on the Federal Executive and was elected a life member in 1979.


H.R. (Harold) Chamberlain

Harold came from a family background of orchardists. He joined the Department of Agriculture as a Fruit Inspector and was responsible for supervising and controlling the condition of export fruit in cold storage. In 1961, he was appointed Assistant Manager of Paracombe Cold Store and in 1963 Manager of Kersbrook Co-Operative Society. He instigated the amalgamation of Kersbrook and Paracombe Cold Stores and was made General Manager. Later, Gumeracho Co-Op and Cuddlee Creek Co-Op were taken over and came under Harold's control. In 1982, Harold joined Balhannah Co-Op as General Manager, and then retired in 1989. During his many years in the Cold Chain Industry, Harold was State Secretary for four years and was actively involved in all committees. He was made a life member in 1987


F.W. (Frank) Collins*


W.B. (Bill) Hannaford*


E.W. (Eric) Heyson*


E.C. (Eric) Jeanes*


G.V. (Sandy) Mead

Family details: Married to Yvonne with an adult family of four (all boys), twelve grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Transferred from Adelaide to Darwin in 1965 to install and operate an Industrial Gas plant (CO2). That no ice making on a commercial basis existed and only a Government operated prewar Cold Store was surprising. Within 12 months after my company Carba Australia Ltd had agreed with me we should extend our activities to cover the shortfall. By May 1966 a new ice and cold storage complex was opened for the public use. My membership of CSAA and the ice association commenced the same year. My first conference attendance was in 1966/67 held in Canberra. Attendance at some 35 annual conferences followed.
In introducing ice vending, both 24 hour automatic and manual storage into Darwin and later Katherine, Tennant Creek, Mt.Isa and Alice Springs combined to produce annual sales volumes that exceeded the southern states.
I held the position of Vice President N.T of the CSAA and ice association which was invaluable to someone new into the business. The assistance accorded by people like Frank Vale, Merv Delzoppo, Ray Barry, Brian Pugh and others was fantastic.
A number of extensions to the cold stores was made along with adding a large prawn processing plant and meat boning room.
My membership of IARW spread over some eight years during which I participated in a number of overseas conferences.
Cyclone Tracy in 1974 saw me transferred to Adelaide. The cyclone proved beyond doubt that panel construction for cold storage is ideal. Only low damage was suffered allowing us to cover food, ice and other needs to the people left in Darwin.
A later transfer to Victoria enabled me to continue my membership as an affiliate (CIG's food freezing and processing activities).
Transferred to Sydney in 1988 enabled me to rejoin the mainstream activities of public cold storage with Woodmasons. The same year I accepted the Presidency of NSW CSAA and later helped in the formation of RWTA and its expanded activities. My retirement in 2001/02 ended some 36 years in the industry.

Appointments and Highlights — Communities and Service Clubs;

  • President N.T. Employers Federation

  • President Australian Institute Management N.T.

  • Chairman N.T. Consumer Affairs Bureau

  • Administrators Representative N.T. High Schools

  • President Lions Club Darwin

  • President N.T. Baseball Association

  • Member of CAI

  • Member of Productivity Council of Australia

  • President Preston Rotary Club Vic

  • President S.A. Employees Federation

  • Member prime minister Malcolm Frasers Youth Employment Task Force

  • Member Minister Dean Browns (S.A. Government) Industrial Relations committee

  • Sport—Represented S.A. and N.T. Baseball

  • Coached junior and senior baseball side in S.A., VIC.,N.T. at championship level

  • Played district cricket for Sturt over 30 years, many as a club captain, also served as their secretary

  • Life member Waratah Baseball Club in Darwin

  • SACA member for 35 years and member cricket committee for several years

  • Member MCG for 20 years

B.M. (Brian) Pugh

Brian Pugh was employed by Charles David from 1963-69. He was appointed Manager when Port Adelaide Freezers Pty Ltd was built, and then in 1979, he became Managing Director. In 1987, Metro Meat Ltd Acquired the Charles David operation, having previously taken over South Australia Cold Stores Ltd. The takeover was a Cold Storage Division formed with Brian Pugh as General Manager. He was President of the SACSA in 1977 and 1981-82, and has represented South Australia on the Federal Executive. He is a past President of the CSAA and was elected a Life Member in 1985.


T.F. (Tom) Rice CBE*


Ray Tanner

Ray joined Frigoscandia in 1975 as General Manager where he stayed until joining the Swire Group in 1980 as General Manager Development for the Frigmobile Division. Progressing through various Companies in the Swire Group he was appointed Managing Director of Swire Cold Storage in 2003. Here he was responsible for the merging of three Swire Companies and acquiring a fourth, to create the dominate Refrigerated Warehousing and Transport Company in Australia.
In 2006, Ray was conferred a Life Membership of the RWTA for his services to State Presidency and the National Board.
His education is diverse from being a graduate of the Mount Eliza Senior Executive Program and INSEAD—Fontainebleau, France.
Ray has held many board roles including;

  • LUCRF—9 years. Currently a member of the Investment Committee and Chairman of the Membership Service Committee.
  • FOODBANK AUSTRALIA—Director of the Victorian and South Australian Divisions.
  • RWTA
  • OOMIAK—Industrial Refrigeration Services.
  • Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors, Australia.

Ray is married to Barbara with two sons and two grandsons and enjoys golf and bike riding.


Western Australia

* Indicates Deceased

C.C. (Cliff) Bennet*


C. (Clem) Booth OAM*


E. (Eric) Elliott


C.E. (Clem) Fisher


M. (Mel) Kitson


G.K. (Garnet) Somes*



* Indicates Deceased

F. (Frank) Cole*

M. (Max) Hutchinson

Starting with the Union Steamship Co in Sydney in 1948, Max transferred to Burnie with that company in 1953 and joined FH Stephens, where he became involved in refrigerated containers in 1970. Max took over as Manager at the Burnie Port Authority Cold Stores in 1982 and became active in the Tasmanian Cold Storage Association. Max served two terms as the Tasmanian CSA President and was Treasurer for five years. From 1968- 97, Max was the Tasmanian representative on the national boards of the CSAA and the RWTA. Max was made a life member of the RWTA in 1996 and retired in 1997.


G. (Geoff) Walpole*